Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Growing Healthy Bodies

Growing healthy bodies Is really important. Today we had Ann which is a nurse Come in an talk to us about sugar and growing healthy bodies. She brang along a couple of drinks when she got them out she picked two people to sort them out to healthiest to unhealthiness drinks. Which most of us thought that they were right. but then we got into groups and she put 5 bottles on a couple of desks and we all had to see what the sugar level was for per serving. I was surprised that the calcium strong chocolate milk was 5.7 so like 6 teaspoons of sugar. Out of all the drink the most sugar was in the E2 Sports drink which was 18.7 which is really bad and the lowest of course was pump water because it has none at all I was also quite surprised that the flavoured lemon water had 4.25 of sugar in it. 

1.Did you know that You would have to run a marathon to burn of sugar from coke and other fizzy drinks

2.Did you know that if you put the amount of sugar they put in a fizzy drink and you put it in a class of water you wouldn't be able to drink it because it would be to sweet which is why they put Acidity regulator and citric acid in the drink to unsweeten the sugar so they pretty much hide the fact that there is so much sugar in it

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Descriptive Piece of Writing.

This week for writing we go to watch a video and pick a seen that we liked and had to write about the seen in a descriptive way. I found it a bit difficult because I would kept writing the whole video and would forget that I was suppose to only write about my seen  . 


Sprinting through the cold misty forest full of terror I slam the wooden door behind me afraid that the devil crows would come back. Looking out the window the haunting tower like trees making everything more scary as the black evil crows swarming the skies above.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Numeracy T2 W3

This week we have been learning how to do 2 digit by 1 digit Here my slide.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

T2 W3 Descriptive Writing

These last two weeks we have been doing a Descriptive peace of Writing. First we got two peer up with a buddy and put down descriptive sentences for these words Smell, Taste, See, Hear and feel.

As I rush through the crowd of people trying to find my way, I see the sky as a gradient painting. As I walk towards the bright lights I see myself staring at the dazzling Ferris wheel giving me an optical illusion.  

I taste the candy floss which slowly melts in my mouth giving me a sugar rush, as it floats down my throat feeling like the same texture of sand. As I bite into the fresh hot dog it makes my mouth water.

I can see all the tired parents as their kids tug on their shirts asking joyfully to go on the rides. I notice all the kids terrified, screaming for their lives flying through the air.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Writing T2 W2

These last two weeks we have been working on a descriptive  piece of writing we had a photo that we had to describe our first task was to pear up with a buddy and use the word smell, hear, see, feel and taste  and get as much descriptive sentences then we got to write our own descriptive piece on the photo I hope you enjoy reading mine

As I walk through the frost on the cold wet field while hearing a crunch every step I take. I can feel the hot sun blooming through the frosty trees shining straight at my face while the rest of my body is still frozen.

As I watch the early morning birds chirping away on the leafless trees swaying in a slight breeze. The still lifeless trees stand there like a still moment stuck in time.

As I breathe in I can taste the cold thick air as it runs through my body causing a shiver down my spine. As I get closer to the trees my fingers freezing going numb as the cold frosty air blows through the trees.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Subtraction with borrowing Term 2 W1

For Maths this week we had a workbook that we had to fill in and answer the questions. My work book questions were subtraction with borrowing.